Summer '07 Plans

I am sure that everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting breathlessly, worried half to death, checking their email daily, logging onto the web, etc, in search of information on the whereabouts of the famous team of Spanky and Rein (not). Well, maybe a few of you have at least thought about it. So here it is……..a quick update on where the hell we are, what we are doing, and our plans for future misadventures.

First of all, I’m throwing in some Spanky pics. Some of you folks out there tell me that you actually read this stuff. But I know the truth. It’s the Spankster that keeps you coming back. Inserted below, and at the end of this post are some choice pics (Florida stuff) of my little canine buddy doing what he does best – just being Spanky. Enjoy!

Spanky Keeps A Sharp Eye Out For Fish

Spanks and I spent the month of May hanging out at our home in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Actually it was quite nice to be home after countless miles on the dusty trail but it didn’t take long until the gypsy in me (and Spanky I suspect) started making noises. I’ve always had this problem of not being able to sit still in one place for too long. Gotta move and see new places, meet new people (and canines), and do new stuff (a great generic term for doing just about anything).

So here is our plan. I must warn you that you should not take the word “plan” too literally when it comes to me and Spanky. We are of the ilk that firmly believes that a detailed, strict plan can ruin a good trip. Nope, you have to be able to “go with the flow” so to speak. I we stumble upon a place that we really dig, we stay for a few days. If a locale does not measure up to our high standards (in other words it sucks) we move on. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, it’s become our credo, “The Journey is The Destination.” I probably read that somewhere but my ego tells me that it’s original.

You may recall that so far we’ve managed to summit 15 state highpoints. Our goal for the summer is to, hopefully, do 10 more and thus (for those of you that are arithmetically challenged) have a total of 25 summits – or one half of em done by the end of the year. Many of you have reminded me, more than once, that we are doing the easy ones first. But of course! Why not take the path of least resistance? Hell, easy or not, we will still have bragging rights to half the summits.

OK, so we are starting the next leg of our expedition at the end of this week (Friday, June 8, 2007). Our first stop will be Atlanta, GA. A bunch of yahoos (that is an endearing term BTW) that I used to work with in Tampa somehow all ended up in Atlanta. We are all getting together Saturday afternoon for a little BBQ. I have not seen a lot of these folks for years and……..most of em have not met Spanky – should be a grand old time for all.

Once Spanky and I have worn out our welcome in Atlanta, we are moving north to New England via Kentucky. Didn’t do Kentucky on our last excursion, it is not far from Atlanta, and it is basically in the general direction of our route of travel. I’ll provide details as we move on (and no doubt change plans as we go) but……..our potential victims (summits that is) for summer ’07 are: Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and to be determined.

Geographically minded readers are probably asking, “What about Maine?” We have a slight problem there. You see, Mount Katahdin, Maine’s highpoint, lies within the boundaries of Baxter State Park. The powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, have implemented an absolute, no exceptions, better not even try it, Pet Ban (I shudder even writing it) within the boundaries of said park.

I do understand, at some level, that they have this ban in effect to protect the wildlife, preserve the ecological balance, blah, blah, blah. Does not mean I like it! Spanky and I will obviously have to make some kind of a futile, symbolic, meaningless, useless, and utterly childish gesture to deal with this obvious and blatant infraction of canine rights. Don’t know what it is yet but don’t worry, we’ll cook up something that will add new meaning to the word ridiculous!

That’s the brief overview of what’s coming up. So tell the neighbors, yell it out the windows, wake up the kids, write to your congressman – Spanky and Rein are at it again!

Spanks' Favorite Beach Activity - Shredding Palm Fronds

Spanky Gallops After A Bird

Getting Ready to Use the Computer In Expedition Headquarters

A View of Our Home Away From Home (The Trailer)


kavs said...

Spanky, we're glad you're on the road again soon! May was quiet without the saga. Tell your pet human we hope you have a great trip, and to stop in if you can. -- Crash & Nola

Spanky said...

Dear Crash and Nola,

Anonymous said...

The trailer looks warm and cozy. Where is the flat screen? Kirby said he wants to go with you guys, maybe next time. Looking foward to the day by day chats. Stay well Rick + Kirby

Spanky and Rein said...

Dear Rick and Kirbside,

Thanks for the comment. The flatscreen is on order. Should arrive the same time we take delivery on the Gulfstream. We'll keep ya updated from the road.

Spankster and Rein

Ken said...

Nice digs but you need some window treatments!!! So where do YOU sleep? We are looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Good luck, be safe and have a most excellent adventure.

Spanky and Rein said...


Window treatments? We don't need no stinkin window treatments - that's for chicks!

Both Spanky and I share the cot - not roomy but cozy.

Spanky looks forward to meeting the girls when we get back.

Amy said...

Good luck on your summer journeys!!! We will stay tuned in for many updates!!!
Amy and David

Spanky and Rein said...

Dear Amy and David,

Spanks looks forward to getting out to LR again to play with the girls.

Spanky and Rein

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