Mount Mansfield – A Week Later

A week after doing Mount Mansfield, and 2 days after Mount Washington, Spanky and I met up with my friend Taivo in Vermont and went up Mansfield again for good measure, this time from the west on the “Sunset Ridge Trail.” It was much nicer (cooler and clearer) than our first time and we managed to shoot some decent pics so…………we figured why not, post em on the blog.

Taivo is the son of a my good friend and scoutmaster (when I was a kid). Taivo and I crossed paths in Jackson Hole many times in the late 90’s. We did some excellent powder skiing and riding together. Spanks and I were guests at his house at the beginning of the week – a really cool place in the woods not too far from Mansfield. We had a most excellent hike, a great night eating grilled pork chops and potatoes, and most importantly, Spanks had a wonderonomous time running around with Jada the pitbull from down the road. Thanks for your hospitality!

Me and Spanks on the Summit of Mansfield - Again

Taivo and Spanky On The Summit Rock

Taivo Proudly Displaying a Bag of Dried Mangos He Picked Up In Taiwan

Looking North

Lake Champlain Lies Off In The Distance

Some Crazy Dude Chasing Dragonflies (actually a biologist doing a study)


Ken said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm sure it was worth a return trip. Thanks for sharing.

Spanky and Rein said...


We'll go up again any time - cmon up and join us!

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