On The Road Again

Well we’re on the road again. After much running around in circles (me not Spanky) like a chicken with my head cut off, I finally got all the gear packed and stowed, took care of stupid stuff like bills, had the mail forwarded, etc we hit the road this morning (2/28/07).

Spanky the wonderdog has been on a couple of road trips before (Canada at Christmas time and our summit of Florida’s Britton Hill), but this is his first extended, real, honest to goodness road trip. The little lad likes it so far. He falls asleep pretty soon after we start driving but……when I slow down, he knows! Usually slowing down means gas (man that truck is thirsty and of course prices are rising again) or….a rest area. That’s Spanky’s favorite part of the drive. The interstate rest areas in Florida are great! Most of them have some fields and even wooded areas where I can let Spanky off leash and he gets to do the full tilt boogie – running in circles, in random directions, smile on his face – he loves it! To date, Spanky has pee’d in 15 states and 2 countries (got all the other neighborhood pooches beat). He is rather proud of that fact and looks forward to being able to leave his mark on several more states during this particular excursion. Today America, tomorrow the world!

I’m writing this little blurb at about 2 a.m., CT from a KOA campground just outside of Pensacola, Florida, sitting in our little trailer, Spanky is sleeping in my bed, it’s pouring outside, and I’ve got insomnia (the excitement of the trip – I’m not kidding – been this way since I was a little guy). But, it’s great to be out on the road again! Me and the Spankster love road tripping! With that:

Top Ten Reasons It’s Cool to Go On A Road Trip:
10. Coffee, lots of coffee! Any time of day or night.
9. Showing up for work every day is just too “normal” for me.
8. I get to sing along to my CD’s and actually convince myself that I sound pretty darn good. Poor Spanky just gives me a confused look when I sing.
7. If we don’t like where we are - we just leave (TPE - Travel Plan Reengineering).
6. It’s a great excuse to eat really lousy food. Spanky just loves beef jerky!
5. There is no “real plan.”
4. We pretend that the Dodge is a “Time Machine” when crossing time zones.
3. After 16 plus hours of driving I begin to hallucinate without the aid of any mood altering substances.
2. We get to meet friendly and helpful Law Enforcement Personnel from multiple jurisdictions.
1. There are actually a bunch of people out there who are reading all this stuff. Thanks, we appreciate it!

Tomorrow’s destination is Shreveport, Louisiana. Why Shreveport you ask? Well it’s within easy striking distance of our next summit attempt. The peak of Driskill Mountain, Louisiana pierces the clouds approximately 70 miles east of Shreveport! We’ll keep ya posted!

Hey! It’s tomorrow already! Me and the Spankster made it to Shreveport. We had to drive through some horrendous downpours in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Apparently we dodged a bullet – some tornadoes hit Alabama today – glad we missed out on that one. OK, I got go burn a couple pieces of cow for us to chow on. Tomorrow - Driskill Mountain!

Spanky Hangin' Out In Front of Our Home Away From Home


Ippy said...

You are a NUT!! Pet Spanky for me and a safe trip!!! Keep us updated.........

Anonymous said...

Kirby says he wants to go on the next road trip. Were thinking about you guys all day. Rick

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