What Is This All About?

My name is Rein Krevald - I'm the "dude" that Spanky (the canine team member) lives with. As Spanky already mentioned, the two of us have decided to travel around the US and hit the highest point in each state. It will be the first Canine, Human team to attempt such a feat. This blog will serve as a quick update of our activities. However..........it is rumored that a book deal is on it's way. So please follow us on our adventure, have fun reading this crap, and most importantly, buy the book when it comes out - we NEED the money!


El Mono con Salsa Verde said...

Oh, you mean the highest points literally. I thought you meant you were just going to visit the the coolest spots in each state. Your idea is better.

Doug Urban said...

I have 20 state highpoints done. Hope to do 5-10 more this year. Make sure you join the Highpointers club. http://www.highpointers.org/ They have a cool magazine published 4X a year called Apex to Zenith. The annual convention is in Wisconsin this year July 27-28. Come on up and join us for a climb of Timms Hill. You can hit some other states on the way up. Bring Rein with you.

Anonymous said...

What's your plan for Mount Katahdin? There are no dogs allowed in the park.

Spanky and Rein said...

Dear Anon,

We are aware of that - thanks. Will just have to do another mountain in Maine.

Aaron said...

Good Luck, I will be checking out the action.

Spanky and Rein said...


Thanks for the good luck wishes!

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