Spanky Meets Elvis

Looking at the map a couple of days ago I realized that the top of our next state, Mississippi was not all too far from Tupelo. So what is the significance of Tupelo? For those of you in the know, Tupelo is where Elvis was born and raised! I visited Elvis’ birthplace about thirty years ago while on a business trip. But…….Spanky had never seen it so we headed from Little Rock, Arkansas to Tupelo, Mississippi.

My search for campgrounds open at this time of year in Tupelo came up empty so Spanky and I opted to stay at a Motel 6. Motel 6 is cheap, clean, and most importantly they allow pets. It is actually Spanky’s motel chain of choice.

We got up early on March 5, 2007 and headed to Elvis’ house. At 8 a.m. on a 30 degree March morning, no one was there – hard to believe! The house that Elvis was born in is a tiny little bungalow which has been fully restored to its original condition. For more details about the house and the Elvis museum go to

Spanky and I headed from the parking lot to Elvis’ house to take some pics (posted below). A funny feeling came over me as I was taking the pics – couldn't really put a finger on it. Looking at the pics I realized what took place. Take a real close look at the hanging porch swing back in the shadows in the second pic. Yep, you can just barely see it. The image is as faint as can be. Elvis actually came out and sat on the porch with Spanky for a short while!
Spanky on Elvis' Front Porch
Spanky and Elvis (in the shadows sitting on the swing)
Historical Society Sign

Spanky In Front of "Elvis at Age Thirteen" Statue


Anonymous said...


Did you really spot Elvis?
Maybe you can be another one of his
imposters! I suggest you consider going to Las Vegas.

Ken said...

I’m sorry to say that you couldn’t have seen Elvis as he was having dinner with us at that exact time. I mentioned that you were going to be visiting and he told me to tell you both hello and he’ll do his best to see you at your next summit so keep your eyes open. You know how he likes to get around.

Spanky and Frankie fan said...

I didn't see one doughnut. I'm not sure if I can believe this stuff. That is one hunka, hunka handsome dog!!!

Spanky and Rein said...

Dear Fan,

It's all true!

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