Holiday '07 Update

Merry Christmas!

Hello to all Spanky and Rein followers. It’ been a while since we’ve last posted the ‘ol website. Thought we’d jot down a few lines to kinda give y’all an update about what we’ve been up to.

First and foremost……….we actually got our book, “Peaks of the East” completed. As of about 6 weeks ago, we got the book back from the printer and started peddling it to the general public. And………………can you believe it? The damn thing is actually selling reasonably well. Not bad for an amateur, self published, writer wannabe.

To quote the cover…………the book consists of: “Amusing, interesting, and absolutely entertaining stories about a guy, his dog, and their travels, hiking, and mountain climbing experiences together.” Of course, I made that crap up but…………reader feedback has been pretty darn good. If you haven’t yet, and would like to buy one, please click on “Order Peaks of the East” over on the right hand side of this page. Unfortunately, because we are leaving on our annual Christmas trek, we really can’t fill any more mail in orders in time for Christmas (PayPal orders received by Fri, Dec 14th will be mailed by Sat the 15th). Of course, we will continue to take and process orders after Christmas on a timely basis.

The book thing has turned out to be a lot of fun for me and Spanks. We’ve got the book for sale at several local stores and have participated in several local art and craft fairs. Me and Spanky are becoming street vendors! Spanky loves it (he, by the way is our marketing manager). The lad gets to meet tons of new people as well as other doggies, constantly gets petted, gets far too many, “Oh look at how cute.” and other accolades thrown at him, gets fed by local store owners, and just generally is really getting spoiled by the whole thing. I get to talk to all kinds of interesting people from all over the place, hell, some even buy the book – a good time is had by all.

Me and the canine boy wonder are heading out for points north in a few days. My closest family lives in Toronto, Canada and I’ve pretty much spent almost every Christmas since I can remember up in the great white north. On the way, we’ll be stopping to visit some of my oldest and dearest friends, as well as several of Spanky’s out of state canine pals. I’m sure it’ll be a great trip as always.

So to all……………..thanks for your ongoing support ……………. we wish you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Be wary, we may be in your neighborhood soon.

Spanky & Rein

Our Name Up In Lights - Sort Of

Spanky Works The Front Desk At The Vet's Office

Spanks And Me At Dog Beach


Anonymous said...

Hey Rein....your book would sell better if you had a photo of some babes on the beach with you and Spanky!

Ken (dad to some) said...

Thanks for the great Christmas card and other Spanky pics. Enjoy the holidays, get some rest and have a safe trip; we look forward to your next adventures. Maybe you and the Spankster can hit Mount Logan (19850 ft) in Canada while you're there.

© Spanky and Rein 2007 said...


Thanks as always. Mt Logan huh? Looks like you've been doin your homework!

Happy New Year,

Spanky and Rein

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